Freeze dryer model FD-10V

A freeze dryer is based on a mixture of many different technologies including refrigeration , vacuum , control engineering , thermodynamics , high quality stainless steel fabrication . All these are skillfully combined to give to the operator reliable , user friendly and safe freeze dryers . 

Product Specifications

Total product shelf area 960 cm2
Shelf number 3
Distance between product shelf 7 cm
Condenser final temperature below -65°C
Condenser capacity 10 kg
Drying chamber material stainless steel 316L
Cooling chamber material stainless steel 316L
Vacuum pump type 12 M3/hrs two stage direct drive rotary vane vacuum pump
Vacuum manifold for 4 flasks
Vacuum controller controllable up-to 0.001 mbar with PLC
Vacuum gauge type Pirani
Display type five inch HMI
Refrigerator cooling system water cooled
Condenser defrosting system by water as well as easy cleaning
Main supply 220V , 50Hz
Floor space ( W x D ) 90 x 70 cm
Height 150 cm
Weight , approx 120 kg